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x26 coming up

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Mon, January 05, 2009 15:20:59

alive = true;

while (alive)
if (age > geneticLimitForHumans || this.terminallyIll())

Almost my birthday (in 13 days).

Nice to be back at work where there is actually colleagues at the office.
Working between xmas and new year we were at most 3 people present at the office at the same time. Quite boring.

Now I'll have to do a head count, to decide if I want to buy breakfast for everyone on my birthday.

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Happy new year

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Fri, January 02, 2009 07:35:57

So we've started 2009.

The january 1st I used for cleaning up fire works, repairing the wife's bicycle and a trip to the doctor with the wife who was suffering from pains in her jaw.

So now I'm working.
Looking forwar to next week.
There I begin learning c#, so I can get out of the Dynamics (x++) box.
I am considering a small project that I can use for getting to know Visual Studio and c#. I want to make an application that can be used for printing our family calendar.

We need a calendar with dates, weeks and months of course, red letter days and national holidays, that can print 7 columns. One colunm for each of the family members and one common one. This allows us to plan ahead a bit and to prepare the kids for upcoming events.
If would be nice of course, if I can get the calendar to look nice with a pretty lay out and prefarably some graphics like family photos.

Oh well, I can dream can't I.

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Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Fri, January 18, 2008 09:49:29

Today I'm turning 37.

I've never ever thought about that I am becoming old before, but lately my life has been kind of stressed out due to various circumstances, so this time I'm really starting to think about it. In only three years I'm over the hill ???

Well, I believe in Murphy. It *will* eventually go wrong. So I might as well just accept the way life treats me smiley.

But who am I to complain, about 4 wonderful kids and a wife.

Shut up Jacob, and get to work ... smiley

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Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Thu, October 04, 2007 08:41:09

Finally we're getting a new fridge.

Yesterday two repair guys (one of them a trainee) shows up at our adress to fix our fridge.

They take the thing apart and test og probe to finally find out that there is a blockage in the coil on the back of the fridge.

I told them that there were two choices.
Either they fix it or they get us a new fridge.

They did not bring a new spare coil, so we're getting a new fridge.

YAY - FINALLY. smiley

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Refrigerator repair for the 3rd time.

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Wed, October 03, 2007 09:09:20

Going home early from work to day.

We are having a visit from a refrigerator repair guy for the third time now (actually fourth time - at the first visit he had not brought the correct spare parts smiley), and for the third time he will be attempting to fix our fridge.

I am going to tell him, that this time he does not get to leave the house before:

The fridge is working or
He has signed a piece of paper stating that he is not able to fix the damn thing (so I can go and get a new one from the vendor).

Also a customer is "yelling" at me by e-mail today because he wants to skip the queue of other customers waiting for their things to get done, which makes me in SUCH a good mood. smiley

I really loathe being yelled at, when I have done nothing wrong. smiley


Just called the guy, well at least he didn't yell at me on the phone.

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36 ain't old.

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Thu, January 18, 2007 09:10:53

Today I'm turning 36, and still I get to go to work.

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Be like a duck

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Fri, January 05, 2007 15:26:24

Too many things going on at the same time at the moment.

We are in the process of having our house rebuilt.
We are going to have our bathroom completely remade.
New plumbing, new tiles, new ceiling ... the lot.
As we only have one bathroom, we have had to rent a portable toilet with shower. That is going to be very cold to use smiley.

The rebuild also consists of making a part of our living room into a room for Rasmus. otherwise he would have to share a room with one of his siblings.

This has forced me to work from my home office to day, and of course the carpenters making the new ceiling, had to call in an electrician to do alterations in our installation. So naturally they cut the power twice, which resulted in me being unproductive for an hour and a half. Time which I have to make up for to night. smiley

On top of that, I am being punked to finish some assignments at work.
Bad timing.

I have to Be like a duck.
Above the surface calm, composed and on top of things.
Under neath the surface: PADDLE LIKE HELL.

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1-2-3-4 ....10 fingers

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Tue, January 02, 2007 09:39:42

Yep they're all there.

Fortunately I've gotten no new year related injuries unlike a few people I've been reading about in the news.

Happy new year to every one.

And we're off to a hectic start in the new year. Refurbishment of our bathroom is beginning 8 january. That is going to be a lot of fun. Noooot. Back to work

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