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TechnologyPosted by Jacob Sørensen Mon, June 18, 2007 14:02:33

Robot protest.

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There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who can understand binary numbers and those who do not.

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TechnologyPosted by Jacob Sørensen Mon, April 16, 2007 12:08:03

I'm playing oldboys soccer in my spare time, and I was asked to do the score table for the tournament through out the season, as the person that has been doing it obviously had other and more important things to do with his spare time.

Some people were trying to help by offering excel-sheets and the likes to do the calculation, but that would result in me having to email everything to every team manager in the tournament AFTER doing the calculations manually. Well F*ck that.

No I decided to use some of the code I have previously done for my web site: http://www.fasor.dk and just build on that.

So what I ended up with was:

http://oldboys.fasor.dk (sorry only in danish)

It has even got a administrator part where I can type in the results for each match, based on emails I received from the different team managers.

The scripting language used is PHP and the database is mySQL which are the products running on my web hotel.

It is quite fun to do the code. I've coded my own class form presenting data in a grid (table), and linking each rows to something else.

I'm not doing any formal version control on this, but the current version might be something around 0.6.

I've written classes for:

Doing a query on the database
Presenting the data output from the query in a grid (form)

I am still missing some good features in the form class, such as

* correctly sorting after clickable column headers
* including database functions in the output of selected columns (such as CONCAT on two colums and outputting it as ONE columns in the result set
* Session handling to avoid those enormous URLs by keeping the states of objects in sessions

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