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FamilyPosted by Jacob Sørensen Thu, February 01, 2007 11:59:21

Today we *were* going to have our new bathroom furniture installed, however the manufacturer made a mistake.

Errare humanum est - normally acceptable if relations between the customer and the supplier are alright.

HOWEVER smiley let me tell you the full story.

Late this summer / early this fall take your pick I went to a local builders merchant to get a quotation for our new bathroom furniture: cupboards, and sinks.

I find a product I like, and even find a tile I like that goes with the furniture.

The guy asks for a drawing / measurements of our bathroom, which I go get and return with. He then promises to make a drawing and a quotation.

Now three weeks go by, and I call the guy asking for my quotation. I get a sorry excuse, that he had just had his software upgraded - yeah right. He promises me that the quotation and drawings will be in my (snail)mailbox the following wednesday.

Of course I don't get the papers until the following friday. *Grumble*.

Well ok, maybe he had a bad month.

We decide on what we want to order, and I go to the store, telling the guy that we would like to purchase, *BUT* we make an oral agreement that he is going to wait ordering it from the manufacturer, because I have not been able to get an agreement with the craftsmen at that time, so I will call him about the date of delivery (with three weeks advance as stated in the brochure from the manufacturer).

So about a month (late november 2006) later our bathroom furniture is delivered, and we have to store it in our garage because at that time we still didn't know when the craftsmen were able to start. So naturally I contact the guy and ask him what's going on, he is like: "Oh sorry, it's a mistake." I tell him that I will not accept getting an invoice until I have found out when we will be able to install, and that I will call him back.

We agree with the craftsmen, that the project is started 8 january, and about week later I get the invoice. Now I have created an account with the builder's merchant store (which is actually part of a large chain of stores), so of course if I refuse to pay, I will have to pay interest. So now I am naturally pissed of. But it get's worse.

Remember I mentioned that I found a tile I liked, and that I was going to order that later, when we got word from the mason about the start of the project. I gave the store guy the number of the tiled, and he noted it on the papers. Now you would think that he would save a note like that - more business for him - but not.

Because our mason needed the materials for the start of the project the builder's store people start calling me if I have the number of the tile, and I tell them that *the guy* has the item number of the tile. Then *
the guy* calls me and I tell him my opponion on how he is running his business which was not a good one in my view, and that if he can not produce the number of the tile b4 noon, he won't get the order.

So naturally I hear nothing from the dimwit.

I go and order my tiles at the mason instead, no troublesome middlelinks there smiley.

So the project starts and has now been running since 8 january, and the sanitations guys make the plumbing according to the drawings from the quotation I got.

And all is well, UNTIL TODAY.

I get a call that the sinks for the bathroom furniture are not correctly molded. The manufacturer fucked up. I get the carpenter who should be installing to take contact to the dimwit at the builder's merchant store, and the sort out the correct measurements according to the drawing he has on file and I have on print out, and we get the message that we have to live maybe another 14 days with out sinks in our new bathroom.

I am so pissed right now, goddammit.

If I have gotten a fair treatment as a customer by that fuckhead I might have accepted that this is the manufacturer's fault. But the fuckhead has already earned two months of interest on my money, and things are NOT alright. He should really be ashamed of himself.

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