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Refrigerator repair for the 3rd time.

Life in generalPosted by Jacob Sørensen Wed, October 03, 2007 09:09:20

Going home early from work to day.

We are having a visit from a refrigerator repair guy for the third time now (actually fourth time - at the first visit he had not brought the correct spare parts smiley), and for the third time he will be attempting to fix our fridge.

I am going to tell him, that this time he does not get to leave the house before:

The fridge is working or
He has signed a piece of paper stating that he is not able to fix the damn thing (so I can go and get a new one from the vendor).

Also a customer is "yelling" at me by e-mail today because he wants to skip the queue of other customers waiting for their things to get done, which makes me in SUCH a good mood. smiley

I really loathe being yelled at, when I have done nothing wrong. smiley


Just called the guy, well at least he didn't yell at me on the phone.

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